Project: Hakubai Restaurant Remodeling
Project: Takashimaya Retail Store 1F/6F Renovation
Project: Bit’z Kids Tribeca
Project: MIKI House NY
Project: Trico Field Retail Store
Project: YanagiOriental Fine Arts Gallary Renovation
Staying on schedule is especially important for commercial properties, and for this purpose we supervise by utilizing our many years of experience in making arrangements for materials and coordinating subcontractors. This includes not only the interiors of stores and offices, but we are also able to manufacture external features like awnings and signs. Furthermore, we carry out coordination of essential parts of commercial properties such as security systems and registers.

Because the laws change regarding electrical equipment and other commercial property systems, we have introduced methods that allow us to respond quickly if this occurs. When it comes to the selection of real estate, we investigate properties and offer advice in order to enable proper decision making.