Construsction Management

Project: Hakubai Restaurant Remodeling
Project: Takashimaya Retail Store 1F/6F Renovation
Project: Bit’z Kids Tribeca
Project: Trico Field Retail Store
Project: Condominium Combine Apartment
Project: Upper West Penthouse Renovation
Many distinguished architects and designers are concentrated in New York, where Kenset is located. There is always something new arising from them. Having worked with those distinguished architects, we are able to understand what they want to convey to those who view their work. For over 20 years we have converted architects' artistic sensitivity and originality into architectural objects, using our technical strength.
Instead of merely completing an assignment in the most effective way as a general contractor, we proactively propose strategies to achieve architects' quality goals within their budget, based on the knowledge and experience that we have acquired through the years.
Many years of our commitment to the architecture industry resulted in us being relied upon and trusted by distinguished architects around the world.